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My first computer was Sinclair Spectrum and sinch then there was no going back. I remember sitting with the Spectrum computer in my lap for hours at a time typing code I found in computer magazines and the writing my own code.

Now the world has changed everything is connected and programming languages have envolved. Knowing only one language is the way of the past and now a days youneed to know at least fews languages. One dynamic language like JavaScript or Lua, one functional like Haskell or Scala, and one static like C++, C# or Java. Then you need to know least about few databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and finally NoSQL databases like MongoDb.

Web Hosting

The is the big issue about Cloud, what is it, what can I do with it and those questions you might have. I have been using Windows Azure from the beginning and I think this platform is what a lot of professionals and companies are looking for. Even if it has simple management it is very complex underneath. I have been hired as consultant for many companies to help move there solutions in that direction and make solutions Cloud ready. I you do it correctly in the beginning then it's easy to move your solutions to the cloud. If you are .NET, Java, Python or Node.js its very easy to adopt the cloud. Usually the only issue are data replication, security and cost.

The first time I saw Windows 8, I thought to myself, finally operating system where content is designed horizontally not vertically. It is fairly certain that I will blog a lot about this operating system.


Book reviews


When I started using Windows Azure 2008 I didn't find a lot of help. But I was able to learn how this platform works by test and either succeed or fail. Since then it has become a lot easier to find good help in solving Windows Azure problems, but at the same time it has been lacking a good overview of the entire platform.


For a startup company it is necessary to realize how Windows Azure works and how to use it. After reading this book I must admit I would have liked to have such a book next to me when I started using Windows Azure, it would have simplified my live considerably and saved me a lot of time


If you are starting a Windows Azure then this is the book you should own and even if you have experience in Windows Azure, this book has help me. What I also found interesting was how Startup Company was used as an example, and the startup was followed through the first steps. After reading this book, you should be have the complete picture of Windows Azure and how best to utilize it.


This is a well written book not only focused on developers but also operations and even management. There is not mentions about Hadoop Azure in this book, and that is a good thing because that topic requires more than just a chapter.


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